2014-15 Bus Pact available for download


2014-15 Bus Pact available for download

ASBSD has continued its coordinating role for the Emergency School Bus Mutual Assistance Pact between school districts, which operates in the event a bus traveling outside of its home district fails and is in need of assistance.


In accordance with the provisions of the Pact, in an emergency situation a school bus driver, or authorized personnel can contact a representative from the nearest participating district to secure a bus and/or driver to ensure students are returned safely to their home district or planned destination.


ASBSD has collected and supplied a list of emergency phone numbers for the cooperating districts so they may contact a fellow district for emergency transportation.


Download the 2014-15 Pact here. Or visit the Publications & Forms page under the Miscellaneous header.


For additional information on the pact, contact ASBSD Executive Secretary Katie Mitchell-Boe at katie@asbsd.org or a representative from your district.

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