Inquiry and reports timeline adjustment bill bounced by House

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Inquiry and reports timeline adjustment bill bounced by House

An amended version of a bill adjusting the timelines schools have to provide information to parents was narrowly defeated in the House.


House Bill 1218, which amends the timeline for notification of reporting of student tests, assessments, evaluations, and observations, failed to find favor in the House after a 33-33 deadlock vote on whether to pass the bill and coming up one vote short needed to be reconsidered.


Rep. Marli Wiese amended out the portion of the bill requiring schools to notify a parent within one business day of request when a standardized test, assessment, evaluation or observation will be given.


The second section of the bill requiring within five business days a report related to special education testing or observation be presented to parents remained in place with Rep. Wiese noting the condensed timeframe allows a parent “time to process” what is included in the assessment or report from the school.


Rep. Roger Chase told fellow Reps school officials “do their level best” related to providing the reports and asked legislators to “don’t put any more burdens on them.”


ASBSD was monitoring the bill.


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