Kindergarten eligibility extension bill defeated

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Kindergarten eligibility extension bill defeated

A bill that would have lowered the age for admission to kindergarten was denied on the House floor.


On a 16-47 vote, Representatives defeated House Bill 1157, which provided for kindergarten enrollment options. ASBSD was monitoring the bill, which had passed out of the House Education committee earlier in the week.


The bill would allow parents of children who turn 5-years-old before December 31 of that current school year to complete a “developmental and readiness screening” to determine if they demonstrate “superior academic talents or abilities and social and emotional readiness.”


Rep. Tony Randolph, the bill’s prime sponsor, said “gives parents another option” in terms of enrollment in schools at an early age.


HB 1157 was a contrast to another kindergarten admissions related bill in House Bill 1174, which moves the cutoff date for kindergarten enrollment from September 1 to August 1 thus making children born after August 1 wait an additional year to enroll in school.


In opposition to HB 1157, Rep. Carl Perry noted it was unnecessary “to rush these kids in too fast” to kindergarten.


For updates on bills as they move through the 2020 legislative session, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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