Local control prevails in participation bill debate

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Local control prevails in participation bill debate

Local control on student activity participation requirements remains intact.


House Bill 1120, which permits students receiving alternative instruction be deemed academically eligible by complying with alternative instruction requirements and allowed to participate in activities sponsored by the SDHSAA or school districts, was defeated on a 9-5 vote by the House Education committee.


Two days after action was deferred, committee members took up the discussion.


“(HB 1120) does not allow our local communities to make the decisions,” Rep. Mike Stevens said on Friday. “It’s saying our local community opinions don’t count.”


ASBSD opposed the bill, which would have imposed a statewide policy thus superseding local policy.


“We need to let school boards carry out their local authority,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany testified during the bill’s hearing on Wednesday (1-31).


Pogany’s sentiment from Wednesday was echoed on Friday.


“The school boards set the guidelines,” Rep. Burt Tulson told fellow committee members. “I just believe local control is the answer.”


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