SB 5: MBC bill moves on to House

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SB 5: MBC bill moves on to House

A new manner for the minor boundary change process found favor in the Senate on Tuesday (2/9).


Senators passed Senate Bill 5, which revises the process of school district boundary change, on a vote of 33-1.


SB 5 would remove the provision in law that allows for school district boundary changes to be petitioned and put the decision solely in the hands of school districts to initiate the land swap so long as it is contiguous.


“(SB 5 is) a clean process on how to deal with minor boundary changes,” Sen. Deb Peters, the bill’s sponsor, said.


Board members completing a school district boundary swap will still be held accountable for the decision as the bill maintains the public hearing requirement and the final decision would be referable for vote, if petitioned by district patrons.


In addition, amendments added on the Senate floor provide for a land owner petition process in the event of the closure of an attendance center or school reorganization.


Delegates from ASBSD member districts passed a legislative resolution in support of the bill’s proposal in November following a legislative interim study by the Minor Boundary Change Task Force, which was established with the passage of Senate Bill 134 during last year’s session.


Sen. Peters added the bill would allow school districts save dollars in legal proceedings, which under previous law had them “trying to protect (their) property tax base.”


“This is a real need,” Sen. Peters said. “(It) protects school districts from unnecessary litigation.”


SB 5 now moves on to the House for review. For updates, check out the ASBSD Blog, Twitter feed and Bill Tracker page.

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