Motto bill backed by Senate

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Motto bill backed by Senate

Permitting public schools the option to decide if they wish to post the national motto in their buildings passed the halfway point of the legislative process.


Senators passed Senate Bill 55, which allows public schools to display the national motto of the United States in their school buildings, on a 27-7 vote.


Sen. Phil Jensen, the bill’s prime sponsor, attempted to amend the bill on the floor back to its original version. The amendment, which would have reversed the decision made in the Senate Education committee hearing for the bill, called for the replacement of “may” to “shall” which would have removed the right for districts to decide whether or not to post the U.S. motto – “In God We Trust.


The motion to amend failed and the bill continues to allow school districts to decide on the matter.


“School boards will decide what they want in their schools,” Sen. Troy Heinert said. “We trust those people to make the right judgment in their school district.”


ASBSD is monitoring the bill, which now heads to the House State Affairs committee for review.


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