Meeting minutes voting list bill passes comm.

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Meeting minutes voting list bill passes comm.

Senate Local Government committee members voted unanimously to support House Bill 1091, which would require meeting minutes of any board or commission to include a record of how each individual voted.


Rep. Jim Bolin, the bill’s sponsor, said the bill is “not just about transparency, but about ease of finding information.” Rep. Bolin noted meeting minutes “occasionally” do not include the listing of how each member of a governing body voted or it’s placed in addendum that can be difficult to find.


Sen. Ried Holien said members of the public have the right to know how elected officials vote.


ASBSD is monitoring the bill, which now moves to the Senate floor, the final hurdle to clear, for review and vote. For updates on House Bill 1091, check the ASBSD BlogBill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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