New cap outlay option passes House

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New cap outlay option passes House

House members voted overwhelmingly to support House Bill 1218, which would allow any school district to designate up to $0.25 of their capital outlay levy to fund a post-secondary technical institute. The maximum level of $3 per $1,000 of valuation for the levy could not be exceeded by districts utilizing the new provision.


HB 1218 passed the House one day after being introduced in a House State Affairs committee meeting as a hoghouse amendment to a bill that was previously parked as vehicle legislation.


Rep. Mark Mickelson said the new provision to the capital outlay levy could be used as a “tool” for school districts to form a partnership with a postsecondary technical institute in their region and allowed for a “broad use” of the funds allotted. The provision would not extend to universities.


There were conflicting reports on the floor of how each postsecondary technical institute felt about the bill.


Rep. Mike Stevens said the new provision would provide an opportunity for school districts to come together to form a technical education consortium in their area.


“This seems to be taking the initiative and trying to create ideas,” Rep. Roger Hunt said of the bill.


ASBSD is monitoring the bill, which now moves to the Senate for review and approval.

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