No legislation on limiting of capital outlay

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No legislation on limiting of capital outlay

As the frantic work by legislators began on adopting South Dakota’s fiscal year 2016 budget a topic that dominated the lead in to and first weeks of legislative session faded away entirely.


Capital Outlay received very little in the way of discussion – aside from the passage of Senate Bill 191 and tabling of House Bill 1218 – since members of the House Taxation committee voted down House Bill 1207, which would have limited revenue collection of the school district capital outlay fund, implemented opt-out procedures for the fund and added $72 per-student to state aid.


No hoghouse amendments were introduced or attempts to revive HB 1207.


As always, ASBSD will keep an eye on proceedings during the legislative interim in the instance discussion around limiting capital outlay returns.


To follow the legislative interim, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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