No problem anticipated with Gov. veto

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No problem anticipated with Gov. veto

Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s decision to line-item veto a portion of House Bill 1137, which provides $5.8 million in one-time funds for schools, is not expected to affect the funds provided for schools.


The governor’s issue with the bill stems from the line in the bill appropriating one-time dollars based on a district’s student enrollment for fiscal year 2012, which would be fall 2011. Gov. Daugaard’s line-item veto only removes the FY12 enrollment provision.


Gov. Daugaard noted the FY13 enrollment, which would use fall 2012 figures, would be a more accurate for the one-time appropriation.


“Governor Daugaard clearly favors the one-time dollars for schools,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “The veto is just for clarification and we don’t see any issues arising because of it.”


ASBSD supported the bill.


Legislators will return to Pierre on Monday to review the veto. For updates, check the ASBSD blog.

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