One bill bounced by, one bill backed by comm.

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One bill bounced by, one bill backed by comm.

Two bills crossed the Capitol hall from the Senate to the House, but just one made it out of latter’s education committee.


House Education committee members passed Senate Bill 23, which revises references to repealed or obsolete provisions related to DOE, on a 13-1 vote, but defeated Senate Bill 24, which revises certain provisions relating to state assessments, on a 10-4 vote.


DOE Legal Counsel Brett Arenz noted SB 23 struck “obsolete” language in state statue and faced little pushback on the bill. ASBSD is monitoring SB 23, which now heads to the Senate floor for review.


Interim Secretary of Education Ben Jones said the change in SB 24 “better fits the teaching and learning going on in the classroom” as it removes the requirement that state assessments be given to students in the 11th grade and focuses more on students’ knowledge upon completion of course.


“You build at each level with the different fundamentals,” Rep. Tony Randolph said. “I have a hard time seeing how it (proposed assessment) will be as helpful.”


ASBSD was monitoring the bill.


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