Emergency clause added to opioid antagonist access bill

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Emergency clause added to opioid antagonist access bill

An amended version of a bill permitting schools to access opioid antagonists reached the governor’s desk.


Representatives amended and passed Senate Bill 84, which permits a school district to possess and, if needed, administer opioid antagonists, on a 69-0 vote. With Senators concurring with the amendments on a 34-0 vote.


The amended version includes an emergency clause, which means the bill will immediately become law when Gov. Kristi Noem signs it.


SB 84 permits a school board to acquire opioid antagonists, as it would be directed in state law and administrative rule, make the medicine available to trained school personnel in the event it’s needed and grants immunity from civil liability to the districts and personnel whether or not they choose to participate in the program.


Sen. Jim Stalzer explained to fellow Senators the reason for the emergency clause was “so that schools can get working on this…and have it in place by the time school starts next fall.”


ASBSD is monitoring the bill and will provide guidance for school boards later this spring should it be signed into law.


For updates on this bill and other legislation throughout session, check the ASBSD BlogTwitter feedFacebook page and Bill Tracker.

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