HB 1097: Other revenue decrease bill defeated

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HB 1097: Other revenue decrease bill defeated

A bill with the potential to subtract up to $400,000 in other revenue for school districts failed to find support in the House on Tuesday (2/2).


House Bill 1097, which would exempt certain taxes and fees from the gross receipts tax on telecommunications services, was defeated by Representatives on a 24-41 vote. ASBSD opposed the bill.


“We are looking at a substantial amount of money that would be lost,” Rep. Dan Dryden stated in opposition of the bill on the House floor.


“It affects state government, it affects counties and it affects school districts.”


Proponents of the bill argued it removed what was dubbed a “tax on a tax” citing that the state is placing a tax on a fee already imposed by the federal government.


Ultimately the revenue removed by the bill was a deciding factor for most.


“(HB 1097) is taking money away from the counties and the schools,” Rep. Kristin Conzet said.


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