Peterson passes gavel to Thoelke

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Peterson passes gavel to Thoelke

ASBSD’s gavel was passed at last month’s Board of Directors meeting.


Anita Peterson, Haakon School Board Member, completed her year-long term as a ASBSD President by passing the gavel to Sioux Falls School Board Member Todd Thoelke.



“I’ve really treasured the opportunity to be (ASBSD) President,” Peterson said. “It’s been quite a fast year, but a great year.”


Peterson, a member of the ASBSD Board since 2008, assumed ASBSD’s Past President role and will continue to represent the Association’s Western Region, 266-699 enrollment category.


“It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Anita,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “She’s such a dedicated public servant, we’re lucky to have had her as the leader of the ASBSD Board.”


Thoelke echoed Pogany’s sentiment, saying “Anita has been a great leader” and added “she has helped mold me to be (ASBSD) President.”



Thoelke takes charge of the 18-member Board of Directors on which he has represented the Southeast Region’s 10,000 and above enrollment category since 2014. Currently in his sixth year on his local board, Thoelke has served both the President and Vice President roles on the Sioux Falls School Board, on the Insurance, Policy Review and Sioux Falls Sports Authority committees and represented the district at ASBSD Delegate Assembly and as the Legislative Action Network Member. He is a realtor in Sioux Falls.


“Todd’s excelled in his leadership roles with ASBSD and he’ll continue to thrive as the head of the Association,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.


“Todd brings unique experience from his local board to ASBSD and that knowledge will be greatly beneficial.”

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