Policy Alert: Veteran’s Preference policy amended

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Policy Alert: Veteran’s Preference policy amended

ASBSD sample policy GBAA: Veteran’s Preference, which was noted in the July, 2015 ASBSD Policy Alert, has recently been amended by Director of Policy & Legal Services Director Gerry Kaufman.


The policy was amended to include the new statutory definition of the term “veteran”:


SDCL 33A-2-1. Veteran defined. For the purposes of all statutes relating to rights, privileges, ceremonial recognition, exemptions, and benefits (except a state bonus) of veterans and their dependents, the term, veteran, means any person who:

  • Has served the full obligation for active duty, reserve, or National Guard service in the military, or received an early discharge for a medical condition, hardship, reduction in force, or at the convenience of the military; and
  • Has been separated or discharged from such service honorably or under honorable conditions.

For purposes of this section, the term, benefits, includes veterans designation on a driver license or identification card, veterans license plates, veterans job preference, and burial benefits pursuant to §§ 33A-5-2 and 33A-5-3.


Source: SL 2015, ch 177, § 1.”


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