Potential one-time money bill passed

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Potential one-time money bill passed

Although none have been proposed to this point, a bill that would accommodate for the allocation of one-time dollars to schools passed the House on Tuesday.


House Bill 1236, which establishes the school innovation and emergency fund, passed on a 57-11 vote.


Rep. Jacqueline Sly, the bill’s sponsor, said the bill is a vehicle for one-time dollars that could be allocated to districts if available towards the end of session.


“If we do have money we can get it into the hands of education,” Rep. Sly.


Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s budget proposal did not include any one-time funds for schools. HB 1236 is joined by Senate Bill 107, which would accommodate legislation on the state aid to education formula, as the only two remaining vehicle bills related to K-12 education.


ASBSD is monitoring the bills.


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