Proposals for one-time money for schools outlined

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Proposals for one-time money for schools outlined

Along with the ongoing increase of 2.4 percent to state aid for next school year, there are three proposed one-time funding plans that have been outlined.


In addition to the ongoing funding increase, Gov. Kristi Noem proposed $11 million in one-time money for student enrollment impacts from the COVID19 pandemic. The S.D. Department of Education noted Fall, 2020 enrollment figures fell more than 1,200 students short of projection.


To alleviate the loss of those students, Gov. Noem’s one-time budget “recommendation redistributes the $11M back to school districts based on the difference between a school districts historical growth and their 2020 fall enrollment.”


One-time funding of $900,000 will also be provided for history and civics materials. Instructional materials and classroom resources on South Dakota history, civics and government, geography, and economics will be developed for elementary, middle school, and high school levels and teacher training will also be developed and provided.


Finally, $1.7 million one-time funding will be used to update the educator certification website, database, and application system and the virtual school website, registration, and reporting system.


Of the $1.7 million proposed, “$1.5 million in one-time funding will be used to update and redesign the certification website and modernize the certification system” and $200,000 will go to the South Dakota Virtual School, which “provides a full menu of courses that a student needs to graduate from high school, as well as a variety of other courses, including career and technical education courses.”


All budget proposals are subject to review and approval by the legislature. For updates on those proceedings, check the ASBSD Blog.

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