Appoint your LAN member for the 2021 legislative session

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Appoint your LAN member for the 2021 legislative session

Advocating on behalf of our public school system is an important job and ASBSD’s Legislative Action Network (LAN) steps up to take on that task.


The ASBSD Legislative Action Network is designed to activate designated members of local school boards to represent the legislative positions of the Association and their local board.


Every school board appoints a board member as its ASBSD Legislative Action Network (LAN) member and those members will periodically be contacted by ASBSD asking them to contact their legislator(s) and attend to legislative issues.


The LAN Appointment process has moved online and can be completed through the following steps:

  1. Click here to access the LAN Appointment form;
  1. Complete the form below;
    • If you have more than one board member to submit as a LAN member, it can be added similar to how you a new paragraph is added in a document.
  2. Click the submit button;
    • Should you need to add another board member after you’ve submitted, click the “Submit another response” link.

Each board member designated as a LAN member earns 25 ALL points.



ASBSD plans to hold three LAN Update webinars next year to discuss the role of a LAN member, advocating strategies and to provide updates from the 2021 legislative session. Dates include:


Each LAN member attending a webinar earns 25 ALL points. More information will be provided as the webinars approach.


“School board members must be active participants in advocacy,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Board members are elected officials just like those making decisions at the Capitol and we need your voice through LAN to ensure the best legislative outcomes for public schools are met.”


If you have questions or need assistance please contact Director of Communications Tyler Pickner at or at 605-881-3791.

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