Public comment requirement bill bound for Senate

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Public comment requirement bill bound for Senate

The crux of a public comment bill remains unclear as it heads across the hall.


Representatives passed House Bill 1172, which revises certain provisions regarding meetings of certain public bodies, on a 60-8 vote on Wednesday (2/6).


HB 1172 requires school boards – and other political subdivisions – to provide public comment at a meeting with the time provided limited at the chair’s discretion.


However, the added public comment requirement language is placed in between two references to a teleconference meeting and the setting for whether public comment time is for an in-person or teleconference meeting remains muddled.


“This bill has good intentions…I’m just afraid this bill needs some work,” Rep. Tim Reed said during the bill’s discussion on the House floor.


ASBSD opposes the bill.


“Any policy regarding public input or public forum…should be for the locally elected governing body to determine,” ASBSD Policy and Legal Services Director Gerry Kaufman testified during the House State Affairs committee hearing on the bill.


“Is this proposed change limited to teleconference meetings or is it for all meetings?”


The question remains unanswered as the bill heads to the Senate.


For updates on the bill, check the ASBSD BlogBill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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