Public comment bill bound for Gov.

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Public comment bill bound for Gov.

A bill superseding school board policy on public comment at meetings is headed to the governor’s office.


House Bill 1172, which revises certain provisions regarding meetings of certain public bodies, passed the Senate on a 24-9 vote.


During debate on the Senate floor, Sen. Brock Greenfield said the bill wasn’t “too onerous” and did “allow for a person to limit debate.”


HB 1172 requires school boards – and other political subdivisions – to provide public comment at a meeting with the time provided limited at the chair’s discretion.


Sen. Bob Ewing said local government bodies “have certain topics” placed on their meeting agenda they wish to discuss and the bill would possibly open the door for an individual to bring up any topic they wish to discuss during the public comment period without it being pertinent to the meeting.


ASBSD opposed the bill on the grounds that many districts currently have a policy in place that deals with public comment and the matter should not be dictated by state law.


House members concurred in a minor amendment to the bill on a 56-11 vote.


HB 1172 will be reviewed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard and he can sign it into law.


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