Recognizing ALL the effort of school boards

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Recognizing ALL the effort of school boards

The ASBSD Board Recognition Program – ALL is designed to recognize school boards for their dedicated and ethical service to the students of South Dakota. This program will recognize board members’ participation in outside activities, board development and training, and demonstrated leadership at various areas and levels.


“Board members put in a great deal of time and effort locally and statewide and the recognition program is designed to recognize their commitment,” ASBSD Leadership Development Director Randy Royer said.


ALL — Act, Learn, Lead

  • ACT — Activities in this category demonstrate participation at various board functions
  • LEARN — Activities in this category center around board member training opportunities board members have attended and completed
  • LEAD — Activities in this category focus on leadership events or activities where board members take on a leadership role or participate in leadership training

For additional information about the program, click here to visit the ALL webpage.


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How does the program work?

By participating in ASBSD activities, training opportunities and demonstrating leadership at the local, state and national level, board members accumulate points to achieve awards.


For each level of award, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, point totals are counted in Act, Learn and Lead categories. Points are totaled throughout the fiscal year (July 1-June), but GAVEL Training (face-to-face or School Board U) counts for a total of three years (past, present and future) under Learning Opportunities.


In order to qualify for any board award, some points must be earned in all three.

  • Gold — 500 cumulative point total
  • Silver — 350 cumulative point total
  • Bronze — 250 cumulative point total

“School Board members don’t serve for awards or accolades, they serve to help students and their communities,” Royer said. “But, this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to them for their service.”

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