Restraint and seclusion school policy bill passed by comm.

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Restraint and seclusion school policy bill passed by comm.

An amended edition of the restraint and seclusion policy bill passed committee on Wednesday (2/14).


House Education committee members unanimously approved Senate Bill 46, which requires school districts to adopt a policy limiting the use of restraint and seclusion.


The amended version of SB 46 removed the training provision that was initially required to be in the district policy and requires a procedure for immediately contacting the student’s parent or guardian. Secretary of Education Don Kirkegaard told committee members the department “will still plan on taking the lead” on the matter and anticipates providing “training opportunities.”


ASBSD supports the bill and is in the process of drafting a sample school board policy for districts to review and potentially adopt.


“We believe it’s (sample policy) going to be a very good product for schools to give schools guidance,” Policy and Legal Services Director Gerry Kaufman testified, adding the bill is a positive because it “allows boards to develop policies” that fit their district.


The bill sets three provisions that would be required within the school district policy, they include:

  • A procedure for notifying the parent or guardian of the student on the same business day, unless the student is emancipated, of an incident requiring the use of restraint or seclusion;
  • A prohibition on the use of prone restraint, defined as physical pressure applied to any part of the student’s body to keep the student in a face down position on the floor or other surface;
  • A prohibition on the use of involuntary confinement of a student locked alone in a room.

Kaufman noted the importance of school district policies as they set “the rules that are expected to be followed” in the district.


SB 46 now heads to the House floor for review.


For updates on the bill and others, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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