Restricted bathroom access bill withdrawn

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Restricted bathroom access bill withdrawn

For now, the debate about a state policy restricting access for transgender students to school bathrooms, locker rooms and other changing facilities has stopped.


At Tuesday’s Senate Education committee meeting, Sen. Jim Bolin, the committee chair, announced Senate Bill 115, which called for restricted access to certain locker rooms, shower rooms and changing facilities in public schools, was being withdrawn.


Sen. Bolin cited legislative rule 6B-1.1, which permits the prime sponsor of any bill to withdraw the legislation prior to the first committee hearing in the house of origin with the approval of the committee’s presiding officer, before withdrawing SB 115.


It was noted by Sen. Bolin the bill could still be reintroduced in the legislative process, but he added that reintroduction would be “unwise.”


Last week, Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced he would veto the bill – just as he did last year – should it reach his desk for signature into law.


ASBSD opposed the bill.


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