SB 63: Senators send on school safety plan bill

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SB 63: Senators send on school safety plan bill

Senators sent a school safety plan on to the House on Wednesday (2/3).


On a 34-1 vote, Senators passed a slightly amended version of Senate Bill 63, which requires school districts to implement, practice and review safety plans.


“The emergency plan really needs to be developed and looked at every year,” Sen. Larry Tidemann, the bill’s sponsor said. Sen. Tidemann noted most schools have safety plans in place, but may not have all the individuals prescribed in the bill involved in the plan.


At the behest of Sen. Ried Holien, the amendment to the bill removed all references to the term: lockdown. Sen. Holien said utilizing a lockdown was not “the appropriate course of action.”


“Though process (on school safety) has changed significantly,” Sen. Holien said.


ASBSD supports the bill.


SB 63 now heads to the House for approval. For updates on the legislation check out the ASBSD Blog, Twitter feed and Bill Tracker page.

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