Settlement bill sent to 41st day

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Settlement bill sent to 41st day

Two days after its hearing, defeat came for a bill prohibiting certain settlement options for the state and other political subdivisions.


On Wednesday (2/28), House Judiciary committee members voted 10-3 to defeat Senate Bill 84, which prohibits the state of South Dakota or any political subdivision from entering into a settlement agreement that includes a nondisclosure or confidentiality clause.


ASBSD opposed the bill and testified in opposition to it during its initial hearing in committee on Monday (2/26). ASBSD Lobbyist Dick Tieszen noted confidential settlement agreements are an option to protect the personal information of people.


“There’s someone who’s on the other end of that litigation,” Tieszen testified. “There’s another party here.”


“That party is in jeopardy in Senate Bill 84.”


Committee member, Rep. Tona Rozum, echoed the sentiment of the bill potentially removing the current protection granted to people involved.


“I think there’s merit…in where this bill seemed like it wanted to go,” Rep. Rozum said. “But absolutely cannot support a bill that wants to bring the victim in to the public eye.”


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