State seal requirement bill passed comm.

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State seal requirement bill passed comm.

Another regulation is potentially on its way to schools.


House Education committee members passed House Bill 1198, which requires the display of the state seal in all public school buildings, on a 10-4 vote on Monday (2-7).


ASBSD opposes the bill with Executive Director Wade Pogany testifying “at the heart” of the bill is teaching students about the history of the state which is already included in the Social Studies standards.


“The heart of this bill is teaching South Dakota symbols and we already do that,” Pogany said. “We don’t need anymore regulations. It’s one more layer of the regulations we keep adding to this.”


HB 1198 now moves to the House floor for debate and review.


For updates on the bill and other pieces of 2022 legislation, check the ASBSD Blog and Billtracker page.

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