Three bills deferred to 41st

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Three bills deferred to 41st

Increased funding bill blocked


House Bill 1201, which called for an increase to the per-student allocation dollar amount for the next three years, was deferred to the 41st Legislative Day on 9-4 by the House State Affairs committee.


“The bill was in for a battle,” Pogany said. “Although it’s disappointing it was defeated, the committee acknowledged something needs to be done and the conversation to develop a stable, ongoing funding source for schools is far from over.”


The committee deferred action on another funding bill that would change the index factor increase for education funding from three percent to four percent. House Bill 1202’s hearing continues Monday.


Levy name change deferred


Senate Bill 99, which proposed changing the term “opt out” to “instructional support levy,” was deferred to the 41st Legislative Day by the Senate Taxation committee on 4-3 vote. Pogany testified the bill was for the betterment of education because it explained the tax increases true purpose.


House Ed. moves hearing


The hearing for House Bill 1166, which would reward school districts based on the number of past year graduates not taking remediation courses in post-secondary schools, was deferred by the House Education committee. ASBSD opposes the bill because it removes dollars needed by school districts from the general fund.


Instead the committee held a hearing for House Bill 1176. The bill defines truancy as any child absent from school for more than three days without a valid excuse. The committee deferred the bill to the 41stLegislative Day on a 12-2 vote.

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