Two positive bills for K-12 pass committee

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Two positive bills for K-12 pass committee

Senate Education committee members passed two bills supported by ASBSD on Tuesday.


Senate Bill 96 passed on a 6-0 vote with no opponent testimony. The bill would permit school districts with an enrollment under 100 to avoid consolidation if they are exercising joint powers or intergovernmental cooperation in education.


Joint powers agreements allow any number of school districts in the agreement to share services and costs. Districts could share teachers, courses or curriculum’s among other services while students remain in their home district.


“It’s a win-win for school districts,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “It promotes collaboration among districts and allows them to maintain their autonomy.”


An amendment to the bill would require the joint powers agreement be approved by the Secretary of Education.


Committee members also unanimously passed Senate Bill 158, whichwould provide state funding for educational programs for children in treatment centers to the student’s home district and the district the treatment center is located in.


In addition, the bill clarifies the discrepancy that funding for the student in the treatment center is provided by the home district.


For updates on the progression of these bills, as well as other legislation, check ASBSD’s blog and bill tracker.

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