Updates made to 2022 ASBSD Legislative Resolutions and Standing Positions

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Updates made to 2022 ASBSD Legislative Resolutions and Standing Positions

ASBSD’s proposed legislative platform for the 2022 legislative session is ready for review ahead of this year’s Delegate Assembly.


The resolutions and standing positions dictate the legislative direction of ASBSD and are voted on by member districts at Delegate Assembly.


The 2021 Delegate Assembly is set for Friday, November 19 in Pierre at the Ramkota Conference Center, at 1 p.m. (Central), but may be adjusted as the date approaches. ASBSD will provide updates.



Below you will find a brief summary of each change made to a resolution or standing position and draft form PDF’s can be found on the Publications and Forms page.


Resolutions (click to view PDF):


A6. Content Standards & Curriculum Adoption – proposed adoption

Supports the current process of the State Board of Education adopting content standards and the authority of the local school board to implement curriculum best suited for their local district without additional statutory intrusion dictating what can and can’t be adopted and implemented.


B1. Students Receiving Home School Instruction Following Local School District Policies and Rules – proposed amendment

The title and resolution were amended to support a local district’s eligibility requirements, policies and rules related to the participation of homeschool students in district activities following the legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 177, which made significant changes to homeschool instruction laws and participation rules, during the 2021 session.


B3. Charter Schools or Other School Systems – proposed amendment

Removes “any new” from the resolution to recognize opposition to any charter or other school system receiving state and federal funds to operate that should have been allocated to public school districts.


B4. Public Funding – proposed amendment

Makes minor change in rationale language.


B5. Private School Scholarship Program – proposed amendment

Includes reference to opposition of “any other private entity” receiving a tax break for donating to the private school scholarship should such legislation expanding that option for the program be introduced.


B7. Decision-Making Authority Regarding Transgender Legislation – proposed amendment

Adds a clause supporting the policy and procedure utilized by the South Dakota High School Activities Association as it relates to the participation of transgender individuals in activities.


B9. Behavioral and Mental Health Resources – proposed amendment

Supports the addition of “personnel” able to receive behavioral and mental health support from available state and federal resources.


B12. School Board and School Bond Elections – proposed amendment

States opposition to legislation that would dictate to a local district when their school board or school bond election must be held.


B14. School Admission Immunization Exemption – proposed adoption

Declares opposition to any legislation expanded the current immunization exemptions in state law.


B15. State Operated Website for Notices or Meeting Information Posting – proposed adoption

Supports the idea of a school district being able to post all required notices or meeting information on a state run website, should there be one created, in lieu of posting requirements currently in state law.


C5. Property Tax Exemption for Homeschool Instruction – proposed amendment

Changes all references of “alternative instruction” to “homeschool instruction.”


C6. Maintaining the State Aid Inflation Factor – proposed amendment

Removes the line “of 3 percent or inflation, whichever is less” as schools need an annual increase to state aid that must at least match inflation.


C7. Accountability Waivers – proposed amendment

Makes minor changes to wording within the resolution.


C9. Additional Funding During COVID-19 Pandemic – proposed deletion

Reason for Deletion: Additional federal funding has been provided to school districts to assist in covering COVID-19 related expenses.


C10. State Aid Inflation Factor of Three Percent or Greater – proposed deletion

Reason for Deletion: The amendment made in C6 implies an increase in state aid must be provided annually to match at least inflation.


C11. Fall Enrollment Calculation Greater of 2019 or 2020 – proposed deletion

Reason for Deletion: Addressed in the one-time money provided to schools during the 2021 session.


C12. Funding for Participation of Homeschool Students in Public School District Interscholastic Activities – proposed adoption

Supports the potential for public school districts to receive state funding for homeschool students participate in district activities.


C13. Implementation of New Target Teacher Salary Accountability Targets – proposed adoption

Supports the implementation of new target teacher salary accountability targets only if new, ongoing funding, beyond the annual increase in state aid that schools receive, is provided.


D3. Amendment A Tax Revenue for Public Schools – proposed adoption

Supports the receipt of tax revenue to public schools from the sale of marijuana, which was legalized by the passage of Constitutional Amendment A.


G5. Repurposing Federal Funding for School Choice Expansion – proposed adoption

Reason for Deletion: Unlikely the current administration will divert federal funds to support an expansion of school choice.


Standing Positions (click to view PDF):


Health & Wellness proposed amendment

Includes a statement on the importance of supporting the mental health wellbeing of students and staff by providing mental health resources and services.


Investment in Education proposed amendment

Amendment notes school districts are required to receive an annual increase in state aid by law.


Native American Indian Education proposed amendment

Change focuses on Association’s belief work must continue on embracing Native American culture and consideration of utilizing the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings or other resources showcasing the history and culture within curriculum.


Student Achievement proposed amendment

Added a statement supporting full certification and staying up-to-date on continuing education credits for administrators and teachers and the necessity for school boards to continue their work towards enhancing their collective knowledge base on school board work.

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