Updates made to 2021 ASBSD Legislative Resolutions and Standing Positions

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Updates made to 2021 ASBSD Legislative Resolutions and Standing Positions

The latest iterations of ASBSD’s legislative platform for the 2021 legislative session are available for review.


The resolutions and standing positions dictate the legislative direction of ASBSD and are voted on by member districts at Delegate Assembly.


This year’s Delegate Assembly is set for Friday, November 20. At this time, ASBSD is planning to hold Delegate Assembly as in-person event, with location and time to be provided at a later date, but may change course due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if necessary. We will provide updates as the event nears.


Below you will find a brief summary of each change made to a resolution or standing position and draft form PDF’s can be found on the Publications and Forms page.



Resolutions (click to view PDF):


A4. Extra and Co-Curricular Activities – Free Participation – proposed deletion

The topic of pay to play sports or other extracurricular activities has not been an issue for several years and doesn’t appear to warrant a legislative resolution.


B1. Students Receiving Alternative Instruction (Home School Instruction) – proposed amendment

Removes a line that is unnecessary as it is addressed within other portions of the resolution.


B3. Charter Schools or Other School Systems – proposed amendment

Adds reference to “other school systems” in addition to charter schools to ensnare ASBSD’s opposition to the creation of new school systems, beyond public schools, that utilize state funding.


B6. School District Identification Symbols and Events – proposed amendment

Amends the title of the resolution with the addition of “and Events.”


B7. Decision-Making Authority Regarding Transgender Legislation – proposed amendment

Minor amendment made in the rationale.


B12. School Board and School Bond Elections – proposed adoption

Expresses the opposition of ASBSD to any mandate dictating when a school board or school bond election must be held.


B13. Governance During the COVID-19 Pandemic – proposed adoption

Acknowledges the local decision making authority of school boards during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for guidance from government agencies in order for school boards to make informed decisions.


C1. School Funding – proposed deletion

The concepts in the resolution have been incorporated into the proposed amendment to C7. Maintaining the State Aid Inflation Factor.


C4. Capital Outlay Adjustments – proposed amendment

Notes the increase in the cap on Capital Outlay funds from $2,800 per-student to $3,400 per student, which was passed via legislation during the 2020 legislative session.


C7. Maintaining the State Aid Inflation Factor – proposed amendment

Incorporates ideas from C1. School Funding, which is proposed to be deleted, into the resolution.


C8. Accountability Waivers Process – proposed amendment

Adds a clause in the resolution to waive accountability requirements if an increase in state aid is not provided to school districts.


C10. Additional Funding During COVID-19 Pandemic – proposed adoption

Addresses ASBSD’s support for additional state and federal funding for school districts during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Standing Positions (click to view PDF):


Diversity and Equity – proposed amendment

Adds the line “and understand” to the standing position.


Health & Wellness – proposed amendment

Makes two minor additions to the standing position.


Local Governance – proposed amendment

Makes two minor additions to the standing position and adds a statement of expectation for school board members on public school boards be “fully invested in the concept of public school education and the purpose for which public schools are created.”


Native American Indian Education – proposed amendment

Amendment proposed advocates for embracement and collaboration of Native American culture in order to “improve public educational outcomes for Native American Indian students.”


Public School Choice – proposed amendment

Includes a statement supporting the partnership between schools and parents to ensure educational needs of all students are met.


Safe and Secure Schools – proposed amendment

Minor change made in wording.


School Reorganization – proposed amendment

Update made to wording of standing position to clarify process.


Student Achievement – proposed amendment

Minor change made in wording.

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