HB 1056: Veterans’ preference clarification bill clears House

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HB 1056: Veterans’ preference clarification bill clears House

Legislation clarifying veterans’ preference language found favor from the House of Representatives.


House State Affairs members unanimously passed an amended version of House Bill 1056, which revises certain provisions relating to the veterans’ preference in employment, on Monday (1/25), with members of the House doing the same on Wednesday (1/27).


HB 1056’s sponsor, Rep. Fred Deutsch, said during the committee hearing that the bill is attempting to clarify language from legislation passed last year, with the preference intent to ensure a veteran receives “an interview if they at least have the minimum qualifications for a job” they are applying for.


The bill would not require a veteran to be hired for the position.


An amendment to HB 1056 requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to coordinate with the Veterans Commission and S.D. Veterans Council in the creation of informational materials covering veterans’ preference laws that would be distributed.


Representatives from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations testified in support of the bill. ASBSD is monitoring HB 1056, which now moves

to the Senate floor.


For updates from the committee and the bills they examine, check out the ASBSD Blog, Twitter feed and Bill Tracker page.

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