Weekly ASBSD Billtracker Update

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Weekly ASBSD Billtracker Update

The fourth week of legislative session brings the first of three bill submission deadlines and a full week of session that is certain to shake up ASBSD’s Billtracker.


Learn how ASBSD Billtracker works here.


The latest week of the 2022 legislative session, ended as a very busy one for ASBSD Billtracker as nearly 40 bills were added at week’s end, bringing the total pieces of legislation listed to 63 with 57 still going through the legislative process and 6 others either killed or enrolled.


ASBSD Billtracker’s positional breakdown, includes: Six bills set to Support, 20 bills observed as Oppose and 37 bills marked as Monitor. With Billtracker growing, we’ll start taking a look at legislation that’s set to see action in the immediate or has been acted on recently:


Supported Bills

Opposed Bills

Monitored Bills

If you didn’t see a piece of legislation you are interested in, please head to the Billtracker page, which will be updated almost daily, or read the first Billtracker Update or second Billtracker Update, and stay tuned for regular updates.

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