Weekly ASBSD Billtracker Update

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Weekly ASBSD Billtracker Update

With legislative session here for the next nine weeks, ASBSD Billtracker, which provides you with a list of each piece of legislation the Association is tracking during session, is filling up and will be regularly updated.


Learn how ASBSD Billtracker works here.


After the first week of 97th Legislative Session, the ASBSD Billtracker has 15 bills listed with more than half labeled with the support or oppose position. Here’s a breakdown of those bills thus far with the blue text being links to additional webpages with more information:

Seven other bills on the Billtracker page are labeled as “Monitor” by the Association and we will continue to monitor their progress in the legislative process, which you can follow on the Billtracker page.


The Billtracker page will be updated almost daily, so be sure to check it throughout the week to stay up-to-date with legislative session and legislation effecting public education.

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