Teacher Placement

The South Dakota Teacher Placement Center features qualified teacher and administrator applicants. Find a candidate at: http://www.asbsd.org/teacher

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Protective Trusts

ASB Protective Trust offers quality health, work comp, property/liability and life insurance coverage. Learn more about the affordable coverage available at: http://www.ptasbsd.org

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Board Training

ASBSD Board Training provides professional development to help enhance the effective governance of local education leaders.

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Policy Services

School board policies have the full force and effect of the law. Access the ASBSD Policy Services Website and view ASBSD Sample Policies at: https://policy.asbsd.org

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Latest News

LAN Members needed for 2020 session

Advocating on behalf of our public school system is an important job and ASBSD’s Legislative Action Network (LAN) steps…

What Quorum users are saying about the service

ASBSD’s paperless board meeting option has subscribers sounding off about the service.


Wagner Community School District was the first

Latest Events

School law and security lead topics for upcoming School Law Webinars

The School Law Webinar series is returning to connect you with the best minds in school law and security.



2019-20 Election Workshop Webinars upcoming

Six webinar workshops – with two different times available – are scheduled to assist election officers in conducting elections…