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Teacher Placement

The South Dakota Teacher Placement Center features qualified teacher and administrator applicants. Find a candidate at:

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Protective Trusts

ASB Protective Trust offers quality health, work comp, property/liability and life insurance coverage. Learn more about the affordable coverage available at:

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Board Development

ASBSD's Board Development provides professional development to help enhance the effective governance of local education leaders.

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Policy Services

School board policies have the full force and effect of the law, and are legally binding on the school district. See ASBSD Policy Reference Manual at:

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Latest News

Bill limiting school board advocacy resources passes comm.

School board members representing South Dakota’s public districts could see limitations to their advocacy efforts that other elected official

Rev. projections pose possible problem for proposed funding increase

South Dakota’s revenue projections point to possible trouble for schools to maintain the proposed one percent increase in funding…

Latest Events

2017 Legislative Cracker Barrels

Legislative Cracker Barrels in your area offer access to your local legislators, as well as the chance to hear…

Learn more about the ASBPT health fund during our free webinars

Learn more about the unparalleled access to the health benefits available to school districts and their employees through the…