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Tribal regalia bill reaches House floor

A bill permitting an individual to wear tribal regalia at some events passed committee on Wednesday (2/7).


House Judiciary members passed House Bill 1252, which prohibits certain government entities from restricting the wearing of tribal regalia during certain events, on an 8-4 vote.


HB 1252 specifically references “any award ceremony, graduation ceremony, or a meeting of a governing body” as the events and permits an individual to wear “traditional tribal regalia or objects of cultural significance.”


Rep. Shawn Bordeaux said the right to wear tribal regalia or objects is “encouragement” and “an esteem builder” for the individual.


“They would be encouraged to do so,” Rep. Bordeaux said, adding that the individual wearing the regalia wouldn’t “cost anything” or “cause any strife.”


Rep. Dan Kaiser said he could “get behind” school districts being required to allow students to wear the regalia, but called the bill in its current form “too broad.”


ASBSD is monitoring the bill, which now moves to the House floor for review.


For updates on HB 1252 and other bills, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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