ASBSD Board of Directors meeting agenda – November, 2015

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ASBSD Board of Directors meeting agenda – November, 2015

Below you will find the meeting agenda for the ASBSD Board of Directors meeting being held in Pierre, SD on Thursday, November 19. A PDF version of the agenda can be downloaded on the Publications & Forms page.


ASBSD Board of Directors Meeting

Ramkota RiverCentre, 12:00 p.m. (CST), Pierre, SD


1.Call to Order – President Eric Stroeder

1.1 Good News


2.Approval of Minutes

2.1 Approval of Minutes August 2015.


3.Financial Items

3.1 Financial Reports through October 2015 – Matt Flett, CFO

3.2 ASBSD Audit

3.3 ASBSD 990 and 990-T



4.1 Summer Leadership Conference and Western Region Meeting

4.2 NSBA Report – Neil Putnam

4.3 Executive Committee Meetings Minutes

4.4 Region Meetings Review



5.1 Policy & Resolution Committee – Delegate Assembly Resolutions

5.2 Delegate Assembly Priorities

5.3 Legislation updates


6.ASBSD Policies

6.1 Delegate Assembly certificates

6.2 Policy change repealing Bulletin publication requirement for resolutions

6.3 Policy change BFDG – removes publishing of minutes in Bulletin.

6.4 Employee Leave & Absences ASBSD Policy GCBD


7.Board Development

7.1 Ethics and Board Leadership


8.Director’s Report

8.1 Program updates

8.2 Protective Trust Update

8.3 Strategic Plan Update

8.4 SD FIT Appointment


9.Other Business

9.1 Next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2016, Pierre


10.Executive Session

10.1 If necessary



11.1 Motion to Adjourn

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