ASBSD Board meets for final time in 2017

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ASBSD Board meets for final time in 2017

ASBSD’s Board of Directors met for the final time in 2017 prior to ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly.


Board members again reviewed the Association’s 28 resolutions and 11 standing positions, which set the legislative path for the 2018 legislative session, and approved ASBSD’s Advocacy Priorities prior to their presentation to the delegates.



Read a recap of Delegate Assembly here.


The four resolutions the Association will focus on during legislative session that were approved by the Board and presented to delegates included:

  • Students Receiving Alternative Instruction (Home School Instruction);
  • School Funding;
  • Sales Tax Revenue;
  • Repurposing Federal Funding for School Choice Expansion



In addition to the advocacy priorities, the directors supported an amendment to ASBSD’s Constitution and By-laws relating to the appointment of a school board member to a vacant ASBSD Board of Director’s position that was also presented at Delegate Assembly.


Download the amended language here.



The amendment cited that should a member of the ASBSD Board cease to serve on their local school board, thus vacating their spot on the ASBSD Board, ASBSD’s President will first seek to appoint a school board member from a member district in the region and enrollment category of the vacancy.


If no board member meeting those criteria accepts appointment, the President will appoint a school board member on an at-large basis from the same region in which there is a vacancy.



The appointed school board member shall serve the duration of the vacant Director’s term. School board members from the same school board cannot serve on the ASBSD Board of Directors simultaneously.


The Board of Directors also:

  • Approved the Association’s audit report and 990 and 990T forms;
  • Reviewed the role of an ASBSD Board of Director;
  • Set the next Director’s meeting for Monday, February 19.

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