ASBSD Board meets prior to Convention

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ASBSD Board meets prior to Convention

Members of the ASBSD Board of Directors met prior to the start of the ASBSD-SASD Convention to usher in a new era, welcome back some familiar faces, honor past board members and take care of business before the start of the school year.


The August meeting saw the “passing of the gavel” from Denise Lutekemier to Eric Stroeder (read about it here). Stroeder now assumes the role of ASBSD President and Lutkemeier becomes Past President.


Along with the passing of the gavel comes Anita Peterson’s ascent to ASBSD 1st Vice President. Peterson, a member of the Haakon School Board, has been a member of the ASBSD Board of Directors since 2008. She has been a member of her local board since 1992, is currently the President of the Black Hills Special Services Co-op board, which she has served on for 20 years, and is also a member of the Associated School Boards Protective Trust board.


Anita Peterson


The Board also elected Sioux Falls School Board Vice President Todd Thoelke as the 2nd Vice President of the ASBSD Board of Directors (read about it here).


After a brief break from the Board of Directors, Susan Humiston, Edgemont School Board Vice President, returned to the ASBSD meeting following her appointment in May to represent the Western Region’s 265 and under enrollment category.


August-15 meeting (5)


Winner School Board Member Steve Kubik also joined the board following his reelection to represent the Central Region’s 700-1,399 enrollment category in May. Kubik has served on the Board of Directors since 2010.


August-15 meeting (60)


The Board also honored LeRoy Hellwig (read about it here) and Dorothy Hajek for their service as ASBSD Directors. Hellwig served 23-years and Hajek seven years on the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors also:

  • Approved recommended changes to legislative resolutions (download here) and standing positions (download here) from the ASBSD Policy and Resolutions Committee.
  • Reviewed and agreed with the updates proposed by the ASBSD Leadership Team to the ASBSD Strategic Plan.
  • Approved future meeting dates for the Board of Directors for Nov. 19-20, Feb. 15, 2016 and
    3, 2016. The April, 2016 meeting date has yet to be determined.
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