ASBSD Board of Directors convenes prior to Delegate Assembly

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ASBSD Board of Directors convenes prior to Delegate Assembly

The ASBSD Board of Directors convened their most recent meeting prior to this year’s Delegate Assembly.


The Board approved the legislative priorities presented to the Delegates – and eventually approved – at assembly; they included:

  1. C1 School Funding
  2. C7 State Aid Inflation Factor
  3. C4 Capital Outlay Adjustments
  4. B9 Behavioral and Mental Health Resources

Read a recap of Delegate Assembly here.



In addition, the Board welcomed newly appointed director, Mike Roesler of the Rapid City School Board, and Huron School Board Vice President Garret Bischoff, who was appointed to the Board as an At-Large Representative in the Northeast Region, to their first meeting.



Roesler – who represents the Rapid City School Board on the ASBSD Board of Directors because the district’s enrollment exceeds 10,000 students – was elected to his local board in 2017 and served on the Rapid City Fire Department for more than 30 years and worked as an adjunct instructor at Western Dakota Tech in their Fire Science program.



Bischoff’s in his sixth year on the Huron School Board during which time he has served three years as Vice President and three years on the Teacher Negotiations committee. He is a farmer and rancher in the Huron area.



Finally, the Board revised multiple internal ASBSD policies, including:

  • Approved an amendment to policy ABAA: Member School Board Legal Status, which clarified when Director would vacate their spot on the ASBSD Board after leaving their local board;
  • Approved a new policy, BOD: Filling Vacancy on the Board of Directors, which outlined the process the Association will go through in filling a vacant position on the ASBSD Board;
  • Approved a new policy, BOE: Resignation of a Board of Director, which details that a Director’s resignation from the ASBSD Board shall be official upon the Association’s receipt of written notice from the individual;
  • Approved an amendment to policy BFA: ASBSD Board Meetings and deletion of policy BFB: Special Board Meetings, which saw the August ASBSD board meeting official titled as the Annual Reorganization Meeting and the encompassing of Special Meetings into policy BFA;
  • Approved an amendment to policy DB: Annual Operating Budget, which set the timeline for when the preliminary budget should be submitted to the ASBSD Board and clarified the approval of the Association’s budget will be approved by the ASBSD Board at its spring meeting.

The Board of Directors also:

  • Noted ASBSD Past President and Sioux Falls School Board Member Todd Thoelke had been elected to serve a two-year term on the National School Board Association’s Nominating Committee, which elects the nominee for the position of NSBA President;
  • Approved the ASBSD Financial report, which was presented by ASBSD CFO and Protective Trust Director Holly Nagel, who was attending her first ASBSD Board meeting;
  • Reviewed and approved the ASBSD Audit report and the 990 and 990T forms;
  • Studied and discussed effective leadership characteristics as part of the Board’s strategic plan objective to enhance their leadership qualities;
  • Set the next meeting date of the Board of Directors for Monday, February 18, 2019.

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