ASBSD’s legislative direction

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ASBSD’s legislative direction

One of the most important steps in ASBSD’s preparation for legislative session each year is Delegate Assembly.


The legislative direction of the Association is set with approval of resolutions and standing positions by member districts.


Download the approved standing positions and resolutions by clicking on the links or visit the Publications and Forms page on the ASBSD website.


For the 2015 legislative session, member districts approved 11 standing positions and 30 resolutions.


Delegates also approved legislative priorities for ASBSD. The priorities include:

  • A6 School Employee Compensation: ASBSD supports a long-term commitment with the legislature to enhance the ability to employ and retain quality personnel in public schools.
  • C1 School Funding: ASBSD supports funding appropriated by the State that meets expectations established in statute, administrative rule and accreditation standards.
  • C5 Use of Capital Outlay Funds: ASBSD supports the provisions in law that allow school districts to use capital outlay funds to pay for some insurance, energy and transportation costs.
  • C9 Capital Outlay Compromise: ASBSD supports an agreement on potential legislation that would freeze capital outlay levies at their 2014 level provided certain provisions may be included in the legislation.
  • C6 Other Revenue: ASBSD supports current state law that allows “other revenue” to be used exclusively by the school district in which the revenue is generated.

“When our legislative team in Pierre reviews a bill we take our stance on it based on the resolutions and standing positions set by our members,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Our members set the course for advocacy efforts.

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