LAN’s role in advocating for education

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LAN’s role in advocating for education

The Legislative Action Network plays a key role in the advocating efforts of ASBSD.




“ASBSD and LAN are partners in advocacy,” Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “Our combined efforts at the Capitol and on the grassroots trail solidify our voice in advocating for education.”


Each ASBSD member district is asked to appoint one or more school board members as a LAN contact to lead their local school board in advocating for K-12 education. LAN members are tasked with contacting their local legislators to share the position of their district and ASBSD on legislation. They are also tasked with keeping their fellow board members informed of legislative activity.


To stay up-to-date on legislative issues, LAN members should check the ASBSD Blog for the latest updates from Pierre and our Bill Tracker page for the position of ASBSD on and progress of key bills that will affect K-12 education.


ASBSD also issues action alerts to LAN members when immediate action is required.


Pogany urged LAN members to contact their legislators and regularly communicate with them to forge a strong relationship that could benefit the future of K-12 education.


“Both groups are elected by the people of South Dakota,” Pogany said. “We know that an elected official speaking to an elected official is a powerful point of communication.”


“School boards to take the lead on education policy.”


If your board has not designated a LAN representative, please send the name and email address of your representative(s) to

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