Audit report bill on to Gov.

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Audit report bill on to Gov.

The audit report bill is headed for the governor’s desk for signature.


By a unanimous vote, House members passed Senate Bill 100, which establishes certain provisions related to grant monitoring and review.


The main portions of the bill affecting school boards require the department or firm performing the audit furnish a copy of the audit report to each board member by mail or electronic communication and the district – should it have an independent audit completed – publish the report on their website.


Rep. Kyle Schoenfish noted “all board members should receive” a copy of the audit and the bill ensures the department or firm completing the task will “will furnish the report to each board member.”


ASBSD supports the bill and during its hearing in House Appropriations, Executive Director Wade Pogany testified in its favor.


“We strongly believe that every school board member should have a copy of the audit and should understand what’s in the audit,” Pogany testified before the committee.


He added the Association will implement a board specific training for members to better understand and ask the necessary questions related to the audit.


“We want to make sure every school board understands they’re accountable,” Pogany said.


SB 100 now heads to Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s desk for review and signature.


For updates on the bill, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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