Bill permitting Appropriators to act on waivers on to Gov.

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Bill permitting Appropriators to act on waivers on to Gov.

A bill providing appropriators more options when it comes to acting on accountability waivers got through to the governor.


Senators passed an amended House Bill 1166, which provides the Joint or Interim Appropriations committee the power to approve, amend or deny teacher compensation waivers, on a 30-3 vote.


An amendment added on the Senate floor adds a step in the waiver process in which the Appropriations committee would suggest changes to a waiver to the School Finance Accountability Board, who would then have 30 days to act on the suggested change and resubmit the waiver to the Appropriations committee, who would then take action on the waiver.


“We would work in concert with the accountability board,” Sen. Jeff Partridge said during the bill’s Senate floor discussion.


“The goal here is that the appropriations committee does not become the accountability board.”


House members voted 57-9 to concur in the amendment made to HB 1166.


ASBSD supports the bill, which will now be reviewed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.


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