Community-school bill defeated in Senate

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Community-school bill defeated in Senate

A proposal to create a community-school system within a public school district fell in the Senate.


On a 12-20 vote, Senators defeated an amended version of Senate Bill 68, which creates and funds Oceti Sakowin community-based schools. The end comes after the bill passed through the Senate Education committee, but was defeated on its initial Senate floor debate, only to be successful in seeking reconsideration before its final demise.


The approved amendment to the bill changed the option of a public school board presented with an application for implementing a community-based school from how it must be approved if it meets the criteria in the bill to having a choice in the approval and clarified the portion of funding that followed students was strictly related to general fund dollars.


Despite the amendment, the bill still could not find enough favor.


Rep. Timothy Johns told fellow Senators that among his “reservations” about SB 68 were the “bad precedent” it set by putting public dollars into the schools not governed by the local public school board and it was “not clear who is going to be responsible for certain students” within the school.


ASBSD opposed the bill.


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