Resolution recognizes fees and taxes differences

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Resolution recognizes fees and taxes differences

On a 57-10 vote, members of the House voted to pass a legislative resolution that distinguished the difference between a fee and a tax.


Rep. Jim Bolin introduced HCR 1001 on the floor, saying he “would like (the explanation) to go on record” because “many current members of (the House) faced a barrage of charges” from voters during the past election that they had agreed to raise taxes.


Rep. Bolin noted a tax is a charge a person pays on almost any purchase and a fee is used to defray the cost of a particular service.


“It makes no difference…it (tax or fee) costs somebody more money,” Rep. Dennis Feickert said. “Whichever way you look at it, it’s going to cost someone.”


The resolution will now go before the Senate for review.


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