Two DOE bills pass committee

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Two DOE bills pass committee

Two education related bills were advanced by the House Education Committee on Monday (Jan. 26).


Members voted 11-4 to pass House Bill 1044, which revises certain certification and discipline provisions for teachers, administrators or other educational professionals.


Department of Education Legal Counsel Bobbi Rank said the bill cleans up and streamlines the license review and discipline process for teachers, administrators or other educational professionals. She added there would be no increase in licensing fees.


Committee members questioning the bill expressed concern about the removal of rulemaking authority from the legislature.


Rank said the bill would give the Professional Teachers Practices and Standards Commission and Professional Administrators Practices and Standards Commission abilities that other state licensure review boards have had for decades.


HB 1044 was also passed by the House of Representatives on a 56-12 vote on Tuesday (Jan. 27).


House Ed. Committee members voted unanimously to pass House Bill 1043, which called for the repeal of certain outdated and obsolete provisions from DOE, including TCAP (Teacher Compensation Assistance Program). The bill now heads to the House floor for review.


ASBSD is monitoring both bills. For updates from session, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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