Resolution calls for repeal of U.S. DOE

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Resolution calls for repeal of U.S. DOE

Members of the House passed their second legislative resolution in as many days on Tuesday (1/27), this request asking for the repeal of the United States Department of Education.


On a 48-20 vote, Representatives advanced House Concurrent Resolution 1003 to the Senate. House members passed HCR 1001, which noted the difference between taxes and fees, on Monday (1/26).


Rep. Jim Bolin said the “creation and existence” of the federal DOE countered the local control foundation of the United States’ education system.


“Education is designed to be a state and local matter,” Rep. Bolin said. He also noted the U.S. faced an “avalanche” of financial problems and “tough choices” such as eliminating the U.S. DOE needed to be made.


“Some federal funds will be lost. There’s no question about that.”


Concurrent resolutions have no legal authority.


Rep. Shawn Bordeaux said the U.S. DOE provided necessary services and the federal government had “a responsibility” to the Bureau of Indian Education.


HCR 1003 was passed by the Senate on a 19-15 vote on Thursday (1/29).


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