Here’s how McLaughlin saved time and money using BoardDocs

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Here’s how McLaughlin saved time and money using BoardDocs

Recently, McLaughlin Superintendent Scott Lepke shared his district’s very positive experience utilizing BoardDocs – the state-of-the-art paperless board meeting service that saves districts money, streamlines operations and reduces time spent producing board packets.


“As an overall efficiency standard, (BoardDocs) hit that very well,” Lepke said during a webinar hosted by ASBSD and BoardDocs. “We did cut costs and we save a lot of time. It’s very quick and very efficient.”




Watch the presentation here.


In their first year of using the BoardDocs service, Lepke noted the system is “incredibly easy to use” and highlighted how well prepared board members are for meetings due to the accessibility of BoardDocs.


“It’s been such a relief with the ease of use and the effectiveness of it,” Lepke said, adding that the district has eschewed their previous preparation process, which he said “seemed to take forever.”




In addition to the benefits BoardDocs provides the board and the administration, Lepke said the McLaughlin community has “faster and easier access to the agenda” through a link on their website that allows for review of the board information prior to the meeting.


He also praised a function in the sytsem that provides the district the ability to search agenda items and other information of fellow school districts that are on BoardDocs.


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BoardDocs provides training “at no charge” to districts, said Vice President of Sales Tom Duncan, and also provides tech support when called upon.


If your district would like additional information on the paperless board meeting service, contact Tom at or at 720-608-4642.

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