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The Yankton Model

During the 2014-15 school year the Yankton School Board utilized ASBSD’s School Board U course options in order for five board members to become GAVEL certified, which placed all board members on the same knowledge plane, in an effort dubbed: The Yankton Model.


Since that time, Yankton board members have combined to complete 15 School Board U courses!




“This information is available to all school board members,” Yankton School Board Member Kathy Greeneway said.


“It’s a great way to get an unbiased understanding of the role a school board member takes on when being part of the school board team.”


An online training site for school board members, ASBSD School Board U offers seven course options that members can complete individually, at their own pace and from the comfort of their home. Courses don’t just follow a lecture and read model, but rather feature interactive videos and activities to help engage board members.


“Not only was it great information to process while taking the course, but I also feel it will be a valuable resource to continue to look back on when needed,” Yankton School Board Vice President Frani Kieffer.


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Greeneway noted the board wanted to utilize the training resources in order to enhance the opportunities of the district for their students.


“We wanted to take the opportunity to make practical and effective use of our resources to educate ourselves and enhance our ability to make sound decisions that would focus on the best interests of our students,” Greeneway said.


The Yankton School Board became the first board to combine both ASBSD’s online and face-to-face training options to get their full board GAVEL certified and your district can employ The Yankton Model, as well!


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Check out School Board U’s course options here and contact your district’s business manager to get registered. You can also learn more about GAVEL training here.


If you have questions about ASBSD’s board training, please contact Leadership Develop Director Dr. Randall Royer at 605-773-2504 or

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