Lowering compulsory age avoided by Reps

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Lowering compulsory age avoided by Reps

A bill lowering the required age for a student to stay in school did not stay in favor in the legislature.


On a 27-40 vote, Representatives defeated House Bill 1232, which lowers the compulsory age for school attendance to 16. The bill had previously passed the House Education committee on an 8-6 vote.


Rep. Lana Greenfield, the bill’s prime sponsor told her fellow Reps that “it is a fallacy to believe students will not be quitting” when they reach age 18. She added that “we have given the schools zero help in how to deal with troubled students.”


Rep. Fred Deutsch argued that it was in the student’s best interest, as well as the state’s, to keep them in the classroom, in some way, until age 18.


“Let’s not just cut them off at 16,” Rep. Deutsch said. “Who pays the price for them dropping out at 16? We do. It’s society.”


“I think it’s better that we have our kids stay in school.”


ASBSD opposed the bill on the Association’s legislative resolution, A3. Compulsory School Attendance: ASBSD supports compulsory attendance in public school to age 18 or until a student graduates. The resolution was approved during ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly held in November.


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